IBBATHGURU is a subsidiary of H2O Home, initiated by its CEO, Ibrahim Younus. Drawing on his early experience in Dubai working closely with high-end building material brands and interior design firms, Ibrahim was inspired by the ideas of high-end brands and luxury lifestyle. In 2016, he created a page on Instagram called IBBATHGURU, where he started sharing his Luxury Bathroom Designs. His unique approach to luxury bathroom interiors quickly gained traction, and he soon attracted a significant following.

Today, IBBATHGURU has more than 100,000 followers, making it the most followed interior designer/architect in Pakistan. As part of H2O Home, IBBATHGURU represents the pinnacle of luxury bathroom design, and its ideas are the talk of the town and a symbol of luxury lifestyle. With the creation of the world’s first and only luxury bathroom interiors influencer on social media platforms, IBBATHGURU has revolutionized the way people think about bathroom design, making it accessible and exciting for allcp

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